This document is a detailed critique of the Business Case for Capital Metro Stage 1 that the ACT Government released on 31 October 2014, concurrently with the request for Expression of Interest to potential suppliers of the tramway system.

In general, the Business Case is a highly confusing document, riddled with inconsistencies and errors and poorly organised in content.  It is extremely difficult for a professional analyst to comprehend, let alone for other readers.  …  The result is that little in the Case can be validated by those not having access to the basic data and calculations used in its preparation and thus, the Case is useless to anyone other than the Government.  The Case is far from persuasive but, evidently, the ACT Government has ignored its serious deficiencies.

The most important deficiency of the full Business Case is that it is NOT a ‘full’ Business Case at all, as claimed by the Government[1].  ….

All Canberra taxpayers should be made aware of the gross failings of the Business Case and of how the Government has apparently ignored them in deciding in October 2014 to proceed with the project.

Read more: See full critique at attached file.

[1] For requirements of a proper Business Case, see ALSC_Cost Benefit Analysis_31Dec21, under Value Analysis in this website.

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