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Light Rail

People have asked why bother to include a page on Light Rail in this website, when the Government has ignored all criticism about light rail right from the outset, and will continue to do so, given little risk of ever losing office.  With some 63 per cent of Canberrans voting Greens or Labor, the Greens/Labor coalition cannot lose an election under the Hare-Clark system, no matter how badly it performs or might abuse taxpayers.

The simple answer is to keep the travesty that is light rail in Canberra before the public eye.  This website complements the complete history of opposition to light rail, as documented from July 2014 through to the 2020 ACT election, by CanTheTram Inc and Smart Canberra Transport (SCT), and which has been lodged partly with the ACT Heritage Library and in the National Library electronic depository (Neds). 

Acquisition and Logistics Study Centre (ALSC) continues the earlier work of SCT and CanTheTram Inc.

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Climate Change

Acquisition and Logistics Study Centre (ALSC) undertook a detailed study of all aspects of global warming and the prospect of permanent climate change. A 240-page analysis and report was lodged with the National Library’s electronic depository (Neds) in early 2021.

The report is titled “A view on permanent climate change – How the world needs to keep the threat in perspective”.

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Value for Money Analysis

Value for money analysis has been a preoccupation of Acquisition and Logistics Study Centre (ALSC) since its inception, hence ‘Value for Money’ as its motto.

Such analysis should be the accepted basis of valid decisions, taken by individuals, business and governments.   It exists to provide for wise investment and to obtain value for money. 

Sadly, the process and even the underlying science is often manipulated by decision-makers for political or ideological reasons.

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Media Comment

Modern media is a jungle!

Acquisition and Logistics Study Centre (ALSC) makes comment on articles and letters to publishers, as well as on television programs, where they are seen to be invalid or considered against the best interests of John Citizen, especially taxpayer.

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About ALSC

Acquisition and Logistics Study Centre (ALSC) is a registered business name (ABN 96 802 779 365), created several years ago as a vehicle for the publication of technical papers concerning the acquisition and through-life maintenance of major systems, eg defence systems and light rail.

It also continues the work by Smart Canberra Transport click for more information