In September 2015, CanTheTram Inc (CTT) tendered a detailed submission to the ACT Audit Office in response to its intention of to conduct a review of the Capital Metro Stage 1 project. 

CTT had been active since July 2014, in investigation and analyses of the shortcomings of this project, as pursued by the ACT Government, through its Capital Metro Agency (CMA).

The submission provides information and comment relevant to:

  • whether the ACT Government has met its statutory responsibilities in the procurement to date of the Capital Metro Stage 1 project, in accordance with the Government Procurement Act 2001; and
  • the Role of the ACT Audit Office in assuring provisions of the Act, in respect of its audit of the project.


Questions addressed

Given the criteria that must be met in audit of this Government project (Capital Metro Stage 1), the following questions will be addressed in this submission:

  • Does the Project represent value for money?
  • Does it provide greatest benefit for the whole community?
  • Does it represent economic, efficient and effective use of public resources?
  • Has the Project been conducted with probity and ethical behaviour?
  • Has there been open and effective competition?
  • Have market approaches for the Project been beyond reproach?
  • Has there been an arms-length relationship between CMA and consortia?
  • Is the electorate being well informed about the Project?
  • Has the information lead to sound policy decisions?
  • Is Project expenditure to date reasonable and well controlled?

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