The CSIRO recently issued its GenCost Report 2023-24, May 2024, an update of its earlier GenCost Reports.

An independent analysis of several days, wading through the voluminous report, clearly reveals its many failures to present a valid, unbiased comparison of wind and solar renewables with nuclear options available. 

Using the figures given in Table B.9 of the report, basic estimates have been adjusted to account for omissions in the report, to provide more realistic figures, in terms of cost per Kilowatt ($/Kw) of generated power capacity.  This analysis shows that the costs per Kw for large-scale nuclear are almost the same as for large-scale solar and much better than for wind.  Adjusted figures also show that nuclear SMR is marginally better than off-shore wind.  Note, however, that probable error bands (easily plus or minus 20 per cent) make nuclear options economically viable.

This analysis also shows that the current Labor government, in its implacable opposition to nuclear power, even to the lifting of the non-sensical ban on the use of nuclear power, is pursuing an ideological path rather than one in the best interests of our nation, based on economic realities.

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