The Voice Referendum

After many years of preparation by various bodies, primarily by activists within the Aborigine and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) peoples, the Prime Minister (PM) announced, on the 30 August 2023, that the referendum for enshrinement of the Voice in the Australian Constitution, would be held on Saturday, 14 September 2023.  It is the first referendum for many years and the first for many of voting age.

The Acid Test

The acid test is whether an enshrined Voice would make any difference to ‘closing the gap’.  The answer is a clear no, given that the means already exist in the NIAA and its 1,300 staff under Minister Burney’s control, with a charter that reads exactly like what that of a Voice would look like. 

In simple terms, the need for a Voice entrenched in the Constitution is not needed and,
at best, is highly questionable

Read more:

Uluru Statement Update 9Sep23.pdf

Probus Lecture_Voice_9Sep23.pdf

Probus Lecture_Voice_Summary_9Sep23.pdf

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