From the outset, Stage 1 of light rail has been known to be uneconomic and that Stage 2 will be extremely uneconomic. This is especially so considering that the planned ‘urban transformation’ effect for Stage 2 would almost certainly be less than for Stage 1 and that the same ‘urban transformation’, banked on by the Government, could be achieved by use of technological solutions available today and the near future for Electric, Bus Rapid Transit (EBRT) systems, at a fraction of the cost of light rail. One may ask what is the value of this analysis and report, if it were to be completely ignored and simply dismissed by the government, as like those of even the Auditor-General? Notwithstanding ignorance by the Government, this report has been prepared for the public record (published here on this website), so that readers may have at least one account of what the Government is not telling them and for them to demand answers as to the true situation on light rail costs and benefits

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