In the heated, on-going debate on climate change, many questions have been posed in the media without adequate answers.  Climatologists and readers who feel qualified, are invited to offer rational answers to questions that follow, with evidence if possible but, please, without sophistry or ideology.

These are questions (not an exhaustive list) that have been published in the Press without rational, non-political responses:

  • Why should Australia waste resources on renewable energy when, at 1.06% of world emissions (2020), we have zero effect on global warming let alone on climate change?
  • Why damage ourselves economically by banning coal when user countries would buy dirtier coal?
  • Why deny developing countries the use of our coal to better their lot?
  • Why should Australia do more to reduce emissions than required to meet international obligations, which we are already doing?
  • Why should Australia not be investing in climate-proofing itself rather than wasting subsidies on renewable energy sources at great cost with virtually zero effect on global warming?
  • Where is the hard, scientific proof that non-condensable greenhouse gases (mainly CO2) are the ‘thermostat’ of the Earth rather than there being just a correlation between GHG levels and global warming?
  • Where is the independent scrutiny and validation of climate change simulation models, that are the basis of the IPCC predictions?
  • Why is not safe, emissions free nuclear energy a better and less invasive alternative to wind and solar?

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